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Sure, actors like Ben Affleck and Hugh Jackman get to step in front of the camera to bring their respective superheroes to life, but there's a whole world of comic book-based animation that has produced many legends over the years. With so many all-star vocal performers out there, it only seems right to bring them together for an Avengers-esque mashup of voice acting greats. Now it seems that's precisely what's happening in the world of animation, as Batman: The Animated Series' Kevin Conroy is teaming up with several other icons for a brand new animated series.

You read that right; Kevin Conroy is getting together with X-Men voice actor Cal Dodd (best known for his role as Wolverine), as well as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star Rob Paulsen for a brand new animated project called The Gang's All Here. Directed by animation legend Andrea Romano (the woman responsible for many of your favorite voices in the world of classic DC animation) the upcoming animated project will focus on a cast of anthropomorphic animals navigating their way through the entertainment industry. Behind the scenes, Paulsen has spearheaded the development of the show with screenwriter Byron Burton -- who pitched the idea to Paulsen after meeting him at a fan convention. The overall ensemble of actors (which will reportedly also include Romano) won't be portraying heroes this time around, but it's a team-up of Justice League proportions....

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